“wish karo ..dish karo???” not really though…

April 20,2008: Dad renews our DishTv subscription(south package) for Rs.600 for a period of six months. A lot of haggling and numerous calls to Delhi our channels are activated.

July 20,2008: after a tiring day at college when i return home and head towards the switch box to switch on the tv.
“no use..channels have been blocked” said my bro.
“yeah..see it yourself”..

call customer care at 1 860 1800 3474…

what the hell…the ‘subscription expires around October 20.’
‘My Account’ shows clearly on the tv.
there must have been a mistake..i assume.

“aapka call hamare liye mahatvapoorna hai..kripya line par rahiye” a computer keeps on telling me.
3minutes……aapka call….
13minutes……line par rahiye….
this is what 1 860 1800 3474 is all about.
no sign of my executive.
i wait for dad to come.
dad arrives late that day.
calls up 1 860 1800 3474.
evryone is having dinner except dad whos clinged on to the phone…line par rahiye
after a period of fifteen minutes. a ‘live’ voice speaks up. after some conversation…

dad: “what!! how can my subscription expire when i have paid for six months!!!”
executive: “blah..blah…blahhh”
dad: “so i have to pay more 300 for the next three months….”
executive: “blahhhhhhhhhhhh”
dad:“kk..thank you..no no..yeah..” and hangs up..
they suddenly raised the package price by Rs.50 and so channels have been blocked.
what a novel way of minting money from the customers.

after 3-4 days dad brings with him a Dishtv ITZ cash card of Rs.300(similar to mobile topup cards)
9.30pm: i messg as per the format given on the card to 57575.
9.31pm: dishtv sends a messg that i have entered the wrong pin number.i check what i sent. negative. i messgd the correct pin number.
9.32pm: again i resend the mesg after lots of rechecking.
9.33pm: dishtv sends me the same messg..

i call them through their airtel toll free number and renew my account by Rs.300.
executive tells me that my channels will be reactivated “within 24hours.”

10pm: “sorry the format you entered was wrong.the correct format is….” dishtv sends me 4 back to back messgs.so why the hell did they print the wrong format!! 4rupees wasted..

DAY 2:
10pm: still no signs of the channels being activated.

DAY 3:
8pm: still no sign.
i call up 1800 1860 3474..no hopes…

9.30pm: dad is again on the phone…same story repeats as day1.but…
executive gives us a mumbai number.

9.55pm: dad calls mumbai number.”number does not exist”. wow!!..dad is enraged.
10.10pm: dad tries again…luck goes through..he directs us back to 180018603474
dad: “no use calling that number..if we wait for two days then also there will be no response”dad tells the mumbai executive.
executive: “sir u dint tell us to activate the channels”.

dad: “what!! are you people so senseless.why did i pay that 300 for then!!!! you mean to say that if i hadnt called then you would not have activated the channels..and you would have kept my 300.we are not expecting such kind of service from you.please.thank you.” dad hangs up.

DAY 4:
channels are activated.
i hope SRK knows what type of service the brand he’s endorseing gives…

7 thoughts on ““wish karo ..dish karo???” not really though…

  1. hey ya all my sympathy is with u
    but dude just think bout the call center chaps … they’ll
    die of hunger if dish tv n other service providers start providing flawless service 😛

  2. Ha ha. Their system isn’t flawless that’s for sure. SRK must now be in a fix coz he’s the brand ambassador of Dish TV and both Airtel and Videocon are coming up with DTH services! Out of the 3 brands he endorses, which one will the king Khan choose to support??

  3. why do dishtv wastes crores of ropees on SRK…
    Agar vahi paisa jara dhang se use kiya hota toh aha hota…
    Saale haraam k pille..

  4. Yeah, seriously, Dish TV cutomer care SUCKS. Government offices work better. But my experience is that online recharging (Credit card)works fine all the times… yeah obiviously, no cust care involved; so fine.
    And yeah the AD sucks. wish karo dish karo.. but i think itz better than jingalala… stupid ads !

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