This is mumbai!!!

its hmmmm..round 11.30 in kurla and the ambarnath fast local still has to come..a gap of 10minutes and the train finally chucks in.Everyone gets in before the train halts…cool down people.Its not peak hour!

i boarded last and stood little away from the footboard below the weirdly placed ‘shankar‘ fan covered with dust which rarely gives you air.chalo something is better than nothing.

just before the train leaves a man in his thirties jumps in.
hes wearing a black jersey with siemens mobile printed in bold letters on it.With grey puma sandals,a light blue track pant and a maggi noodles shaped hair this man was really a dude…oh i forgot he had a thick goatee too under his chin.

“i am in some fast local and when i get down at ttt-taaney ill catch a rick and come at sooraj paaak”
He said in a thick accent before dissconnecting his call. i thought maybe hes from the western line and new on the central.

“hey you look like a college student.this train goes to taaney??”
“yeah” i say

“well this the local of mumbai.. rite? its probably known as lifeline f mewmbai back there”
“where??” i wonder…

“well i am from uk nd this my first visit to mewmbai”
“do you know how to go to soooraj paak from thane?”(suraj water park)

“its a water park you are talkin about?”
“yeah” again in a thick accent he says…and the commuters are looking at him so curiously i dont know what to say.
“sorry i am not from thane.”

“i gt sum cooopns from koorl..koorla…they took 400 bucks from me”
“what the fuck!!!” i say in a low voice.

“who gave you this??”
“tthe guy at the counter at koorla”.

“you have been cheated” i say to him on the face.
“he first took 30 bucks from me..then led me to the the punching thing..and then he said cause i dint have immigration documents ill hav to giv him 400 bucks…its ok rite..400bucks its too low for the people here rite??

i wonder how a railway employee can cheat a tourist.
the train picks up speed after ghatkopar and starts ‘jumping’.

“its ok rite???…”he gets afraid.
“yeah its normal…old trains you know”
i stared laughing when i saw that fear in his face…hahahaha…
he showed me the punched coupons and handed the rest of the bunch….
“take it..ill not need it ni more..”
“this hapns to evryone whos new here i told him”…
he agreed..

“where do you stay right now??” i ask him
“j. w.maarriottt in santacruuuzzz”again in thick accent.

“buddy u speak good english..”he compliments me.
another fiften minutes paas by…he speaks about the conditions in uk..his job in uk..and all that stufff…

hope you enjoyed a liitle bit reading this..
i did by experiencing it……
and for that railway employee…what can we do??

(PS:the guy is an indain from goa,born and brought up in uk.
he works for abn-amro.he gave me his number too..and told there should be people like me who will be helpful to others..and hey his name was raj with a surname i dint get)


4 thoughts on “This is mumbai!!!

  1. holyshit…400 bucks..[:o]
    doesnt make much f a diffrnce to him thou..but then yes
    nice stuff bro….

  2. sad but true!!!
    i had a similar incident at rajasthan..i helped two foreigners who were being taken for a ride:)
    its fun na! playing saviours?[:P]

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