“station aa gaya bhai!!” a startling voice suddenly wakes me up from my deep slumber after a tiring journey and a boring HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT lecture.My train screeches to a halt at kalyan station.A young lady is making announcements on the public address system.

i decide to have a bite of samosa pav from pandits bang opposite the station.

the moment i exit i notice that except for the few autowallas and vegetabe vendors every other shop was shut down.everything wore a deserted look.why????

because its bharat bandh yaaar…!!!

you know the BJP is so insecure about their amarnath land that they are resorting to violence and bandhs.Just a political gimmick so that they can win some votes huh??
thank god we in mumbai did not have to suffer much except for some stone throwings.
thanks to the high court which made SHIV SENA cough up some lakhs for all of their illegal bandhs some yeras ago.They just gave BJP a moral support.And thats it.
meanwhile when i was reading the newspapert this is what a BJP activist had to say
“why should we accomodate them and pay for their pilgrims when the kashmiri muslims in the country dont want to accomodate us?”
now did you notice how he used the words ‘them’ and ‘us’….
This is india and these are our politicians.


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