Customer?? Who The F*** Cares

“Hey dude i am goin to the airtel gallery after the lectures..”susheel tells me before our lecture starts in the afternoon.

It so happened that some customer care executive from airtel called up ‘divsi’ and told her that sushlee had not paid up his outstanding bill…

and kept on harassing her..

Hey wait a minute!! if sushlee dint pay up his bill why call up divsi and not sushil??(its a different story that susheel did pay his bill)
and how the hell did they get her number??

Airtel did something that no professional company of such stature would do.Shame on them!!
They took up sushils call records,saw which number he has ‘transactions'(messages and calls) with the most(it was divsis) without even his permission!!!
its breach of privacy man!!!imagine this same thing happening to you!!!

God only knows why dint they contact him.These people had his residential address na.They could have landed up at his home if they were so concerned about the bill.
why harass others??

its around 5:30 in the evening and we reach Airtel Gallery in dombivli.
‘Help Us Serve You Better’ is displayed on the left hand side of the gallery just as we(susheel,sudeep and me) enter.
Sharukh Khan has been ‘freezed’ inside a frame on the right.
Three Executives are dressed in blue t-shirts with their names displayed on a steel badge tucked on the teee.
Customers are waiting anxiously for their turn to tell up their grieveances.
Most of them are there for cancellation of their airtel connections.They too are fed up of airtel.

susheel gets a waiting card of ’83’.
card number ’71’ is arguing with the execuive over his sim cancellation.hehehe:):);)
71:”if you dont cancel my sim see what i’ll do” he threatens.
as usual customer executive is not saying anything.Customer Care you know!!
71 gets up from his seat.He’s a tall hefty man and is very angry.
“Idiots” he says before leaving.
“you idiot” sys the executive..haha..Customer Care you know!!
his luck that the 71 dint hear him or else he would have been pulped.

sudeep as usual was on his jokes and we dint know how 20 minutes passed.
meanwhile we also filled up the feedback forms with all the swearings we knew..

Its been three days and card number 80’s connection has still not been activated.
Shes sent back with some vague reasons.When asked if they dont have any records of her card with them she gets a negative reply.

The moment susheel takes his seat the system crashes down.
and the rest is history…

Now you know why indian firms are far behind their international counterparts in terms of service.
Go for any SIM connection but not AIRTEL.
as i told you most of the customers were there to dump their connections…….


5 thoughts on “Customer?? Who The F*** Cares

  1. o m g!!
    u put it up here!:O
    its sad but its true wid most cellfone cos buddy…:( BPL-brings u Below Powerty Line..n airtel expresses too freely to the rong ppl;)

  2. i differ a bit from you
    will let u know wen will meet u
    but the later part was absolutely rite
    u know wat
    i’ve thrashed reliance customer care ka ppl thrice and my bro has done d same twice before
    now we are treated as kings šŸ™‚
    no matter what the number os no que for me n my bro šŸ™‚
    so next time dun be patient be impatient cos impatience is the key šŸ˜‰

  3. nice work buddy!!
    baccha… it seems ur becomin a gud blogger!!!
    felt nice to read that incident,i threw my airtel SIM because of their such a gr8 caring customer service!!

  4. They jst find new ways to manipulate u!Well,if v c being patient simply doesnt work at places like these.

    anywaz nicely written dude!

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