The spitting epidemic

How often have you seen people spitting in public places????

its sooooo common in aamchi mumbai. i have often seen cowards spitting which makes my blood boil with extra bubbles.

well here is a research done by DR P.S. VIVEK:
Dr Vivek bases his research on reports compiled by KEM Hospital and the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation at different points of time.
Working on the assumption that 10 per cent of Mumbai’s population of 1.4 crore consumes tobacco in its actual form and in the form of gutkha, betel leaves, etc, Dr Vivek conducted a random survey that revealed that at a time such people spit an average of 3 grams. If on an average, such a person spits 10 times a day, that amounts to 30 grams of spit per person per day, which means the city generates almost 14,70,000 litres of spit everyday!!!



Each time 3 gms (avg)

No of times 10 per day

Spitting per day (3 x 10) 30 gms per day

Spitting per annum (30 gms x 365 days) 10,950gms per year


Volume of spit per individual per day 30g ms = 105millilitres

Estimated no of people who spit in Mumbai (10 per cent of 1.4 crore) = 14,00,000

Quantity of spit per day 14,00,000 x 105 ml = 14,70,000 litres per day

Quantity of spit per annum 14,70,000 x 365 days = 5,36,550 kilo litres per annum.


Thank you


One thought on “The spitting epidemic

  1. its one of b’bay’s biggest menace….half my time walking goes in escaping frm this horrifying thing….!!! grrr…hw i feel like making all d spitters swim in their bucketfuls of paan spit!!!

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