show your virginity girl!

if you are a girl from the chhara commnity from gujarat going to get married…then get ready for virginity test…hehe.

wondering whats this?? well when a girl from this community gets married (to a boy of her community obviously) the very next day of her first night she has to prove that she’s a virgin…

now how will she prove this..well here are the steps…

step1:get a large sheet of white cloth…
step2:make sure it is pure
step3:now make out your first night on this cloth..

step4:now the following day female members from the grooms family will be doing an examination of the cloth..
step5:if the cloth has blood stains on it..yipeee… you are pure my girl..and your family will be honoured…

now if you dont have blood stains on the cloth then will be forced to get a divorce and your family will be discriminated and your life will be made a helll!!!

india is a growing economy…the world says…and we still have people who are orthodox and fools!!!! in this 21st century….


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